Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wow, Time Does Fly!

I have been extremely busy lately and haven't had the time to blog recently, but I'll try and squeeze one in here today.

I'm extremely happy that there is a ceasefire in affect in Gaza, about time. It's made the entire Muslim world hate Israel and that is a really bad thing, seeing as they have no scruples in attacking anyone. But I'm not too unhappy about that. It's about time people stood up to the NAZI LIKE Israel. They're just as bad as the Nazi's were with other nationalities and religions, except they haven't resorted to mass murder yet. They've already made it so that the majority of Muslims in the country can't vote in general elections. Who knows what could be around the corner. People need to learn the word perspective and then go from there. It would do a world of good. Buy a dictionary, look it up, and then put your god damn foot in your mouth next time.

So Gadhafi is the leader of the African Union... Hm... Let's elect a tyrannical and capitalistic pig as the leader of a unification group. That just seems like a right and dandy way to do things. We're talking the same guy that Black Bags people... Whatever. I'm getting really sick of people not learning from the past. I'm getting so sick with the majority of humanity. People really aren't getting any smarter.

But, at least Obama has been keeping the "majority" of his promises to the country. We have gotten a ton of those Bastard Bush bills overturned and now funding can go to Africa and other places for Abortion/Birth Control avocation groups, instead of the insanely idiotic "Abstinence Only" shit. And now we can finally have stem cell research! Whoopee! We can maybe start curing diseases that republicans were perfectly fine with ignoring and letting people die because of their stupid ass religious/moral beliefs.

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