Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Global "Climate" Change...dumb ass

So much for all that "Global Warming" eh? I've been hearing this alot lately, due mainly to all this heavy snow this winter. The picture shown is right outside my house. Massive snow has been pouring down on us all week, with temperatures hovering around 4° F. The term Global Warming is very misleading. It should instead be coined as Global Climate Change. It "is" getting warmer, in places like Greenland which is causing the Ice Sheet there to melt and flow into the gulf stream, which in turn is affecting the Climate of many places in the world. That is why we're seeing tons of snow in places where it never should be. Dumbass..
In Gaza the fighting continues with a "New Level" of Israel's offensive power. There have been reports of the chemical White Phosphorus being used on crowded residential areas of the strip, causing massive damage to buildings and making skin peel off of citizens living there. Over the years the militant group Hamas, has been smuggling weapons through the Egyptian border into Gaza and launching them at Isreal. And now Isreal has said it's had enough. Hamas compared to Isreal, in terms of military power, is laughable at best. But yet, Isreal has been using all the power it has in airstrikes, shelling, and troop invasion to "quell" the violence. Over this short 1 month period, 1000 Palestinians have lost their lives. Half of that number accounts for innocent civilians. And this isn't even including the injured, which number is beyond the ability to count at this time. The UN Security Council have ordered an Imediate and Durable cease-fire which both sides have ignored. Isreal says it will not consider it unless the Egypt stops the smuggling of weapons into Gaza, and Hamas says that the only way they would stop the offensive is if Isreal gets out of Gaza and opens up its borders. Isreal has various border/trade issues and seems to think of Gaza as a police state which they have authority in. But that is "incorrect". Palestine is its own country free from the jurisdiction of Isreal yet they seem to think they have the rights to occupy it and enforce rules there and abroad. Alot of this is the fault of the United States who helped form Isreal after WWII. And to show that fact, the United States has abstained from voting in the UN Security Council on the matter. Isreals weapons are all American made, and have a nuclear arsenal to match. The Jew's of Isreal seem not to be able to think past their own anger. They want to illiminate all of the Muslims from Isreal and claim palestine back. Apparently they don't seem to realize that, that same mentality was what the Nazi's had. They're just repeating history. It's just sick, they have no right to speak of how terrible the Reich was now. They have just become it.

President-Elect Obama has proposed a 800 Billion dollar bail-out. He says he will double Americas investments in renewable energy which he hopes will create 4 million jobs. All the power to him! I think anything would be a step in the right direction, seeing as all we're doing lately is holding conferences about how bad it is instead of fixing how bad it is.

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Candy said...

Yeah, it's unfortunate that the whole "global warming" label got attached to climate change. Al Gore made it very plain in An Inconvenient Truth that the overall warming could produce some weather patterns that were not "warm" at all. If only wingnuts could read.