Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why Can't We Be Good?

Smoke rose from the United Nations headquarters after it was hit during Israeli bombardment of Gaza City on Thursday.

Well aparently Isreal thinks it fitting to attack unarmed, UN Government buildings. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert expressed feelings of regret, but nevertheless believes it was justified and insists that Isreali forces were fired upon by Hamas militants just outside the compound. A UN official who was there at the time said that the accusations were nonsense and insisted that no militants were using the place. A spokesman for the Relief and Works Agency, Christopher Gunness, said that the Israelis had been provided with the GPS coordinates of all United Nations facilities in Gaza. He said that two buildings were ablaze and that there were five fully laden fuel vehicles at the site. Also, speaking of the evils of war, I learned yesterday that Isreal had attacked a "Weapons Cache" that was located near a densely filled graveyard, and that rotten flesh and limbs of recently dead were strewn onto the tops of buildings and in peoples yards. An Isreal spokesman commented and confirmed that the secondary explosion of the weapons cache caused the massive damage.

Why Can't We Be Good?

As a human race we seem to do evil to one another constantly. Apparently we haven't evolved quite right, or that morals themselves are not evident to the majority of the world. Who knew that killing was bad?



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